Keeping Cryogenic Liquids as a Liquid
It Takes How Long?
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Keeping Cryogenic Liquids as a Liquid

Several employees of Technifab Products had an article published earlier this year on the behavior of cryogenic liquids versus traditional liquids when flowing through pipe. Cryogenic liquids will change to gas unless measures are taken to keep them a liquid. Two phase flow changes flow rates and loses a portion of the cooling effect in the process. The article discusses why it happens and what can be done to keep cryogens a liquid until needed. Read more here…

“It Takes How Long?”

Even with all the standard sized vacuum-jacketed pipe we keep in stock, there are customers asking for special order items in 1-2 weeks. Unless you’ve seen how vacuum-jacketed pipe is made, you may not realize all the steps and time it takes to make a quality vacuum-insulated product.
Evacuating the pipe or tubing after it is built can be the longest lead time and is one of the items that make our pipe so special. The level of vacuum we use in our pipe (considered a “very high order vacuum”) takes two different kinds of vacuum pumps and 3-5 days of continuous pumping! We then let the vacuum settle for 3 days or more to make sure there is no outgassing from anything inside the vacuum and recheck the vacuum level. Something as small as a fingerprint can create problems down the road by adding unwanted molecules and eventually contaminating the vacuum level.
All this occurs after the drawings are made and approved by the customer, the components cut, assembled, and welded together and the necessary cleaning steps so the vacuum space is as clean as possible. It may seem like a lot, but it’s part of what allows us to give you a 10 year warranty on rigid pipe – the best in the business.
One recent step we’ve taken to shorten that lead time is adding a new manufacturing cell to deal with special orders. This area focuses on small runs and one-off items so our main production lines can focus on the higher volume VJ Pipe and the products we make for original equipment manufacturing (OEM) firms.
Interested in seeing more about how cryogenic storage and transfer equipment is made? Take a virtual tour of our facility.

New Cryogenic Testing Facility / Product Showroom

For years Technifab had a dedicated space for engineering and product development in our manufacturing facility. With the growth the company has been experiencing the last 2 years we’ve been upgrading our in-house capabilities. Last year we purchased and installed a larger liquid nitrogen bulk tank and recently built a dedicated lab and product showroom.

The new lab, showcased with our Techniguard Vacuum Jacketed Pipe, includes a full array of our products from dewars to vacuum-jacketed tank switchers. It also lets us design, develop, and more quickly make changes for new applications and uses. For example, during a recent customer visit we were able to prove the concept for a different Techinjector, our liquid nitrogen injector, application before they went back overseas later that week.
Contact Technifab if you have a special application or want to learn more about our development capabilities.

A New Phase in our Life

Our line of phase separators has proven to be an excellent solution for customer problems. Technifab’s Phase Separators deliver high quality, colder liquid nitrogen by reducing the liquid nitrogen pressure and slowing the liquid nitrogen velocity from the supply line. This provides a lower temperature, saturated, pure liquid nitrogen that has fewer gas bubbles in the fluid.
We offer 3 different sizes of phase separators, the PS-22, PS-42, and the PS-67, which can be mounted anywhere in a cryogenic delivery system, to deliver the best quality and temperature liquid at the use point. Last year we added more sophisticated electronic controls to our patented design, giving the units additional flexibility and tighter control with an easier-to-use touch screen interface.
A more detailed explanation of how phase separators work and application information is available on our website.

A Special Celebration for Technifab

2012 is an extra special year for Technifab as we celebrate our 20th year since Noel Short started Technifab Products in 1992. Noel brought in a wealth of experience that was combined with Indiana’s manufacturing prowess to make Technifab what it is today. More on that story and how Technifab has changed in a future newsletter!

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Since 1992 Technifab has designed, manufactured, and installed cryogenic equipment including vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, dewars, and vacuum jacketed valves. We build the best!


Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP, VIP) Evacuation
Evacuation of VJP

Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturing Cell
Manufacturing Cell

New Product Showroom at Technifab
New Product Showroom

PS-22 Liquid Nitrogen Phase Separator
PS-22 Liquid Nitrogen Phase Separator