Custom Cryogenic Equipment

Regardless of the cryogen involved, Technifab’s project management team has the experience in the storage, transfer, and control of cryogenic liquids to make your product a success. Using Technifab to design and build your product removes
the guesswork. You will not have to listen to multiple vendors blaming each other for failing to meet your needs.
We’ll do the job right from beginning to end.

Superior product quality

Our complete understanding of cryogenic liquids and associated materials ensures you get a high quality product that meets your requirements.

Reduced development time

Our expertise will help shorten your new product development time by combining our cryogenic engineering and manufacturing knowledge with your application requirements.

Single source accountability

We will bring together expertise from all functional areas of the business to provide the level of support you need.

New product development – Technifab brings together expertise from all functional areas of the business to assure the product and quality meets your needs.

Prototypes – Our innovative technical team can help you determine how to adapt what others have used or to make what’s never been done before to solve your problem.

Volume production of custom cryogenic products – Using our in-house specialized design and manufacturing systems, our products are dependable and affordable, what’s needed for successful products today.

Service and Repair of existing custom products – We not only stand behind what we build, but can help you improve someone else’s product.

Our design and manufacturing expertise includes:

  • Dewars
  • Technifab is authorized to use the U and UM stamp symbols of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for manufacturing pressure vessels
  • Authorized to use the R stamp of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for the repair and/or alteration of pressure vessels
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Custom transfer equipment for liquid cryogens using vacuum jacketed rigid pipe and flexible hoses
  • Custom dewars for the laboratory and industry
  • Cryogenic Heat Exchangers

Our manufacturing process expertise includes:

  • TIG and MIG welding of metals, including exotic materials
  • ASME code pressure vessels for cryogenic applications
  • Helium mass spectrometer leak detection
  • Vacuum leak-tight welds
  • Vacuum insulation for cryogenic transfer piping and storage vessels
  • Mechanical super insulation as used in space technology
  • Thin walled tubing combined with precision welding and finishing
  • Quality verification at every stage of the manufacturing process
Automated seam welding
Automated seam welding