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Market-Leading Cryogenic Products

Since 1992 Technifab has designed, manufactured, and installed cryogenic equipment including vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, dewars, and vacuum jacketed valves. We build the best!

  • Technifab’s liquid helium transfer hoses outperformed the competition in independent tests.
  • We manufacture ASME and liquid oxygen certified equipment.
  • Our detector dewars are used by some of the best scientific equipment manufacturers in the industry.
  • Our transfer hoses are used to fill laboratory dewars and get liquid cryogens into customer containers and equipment.
  • Our products are used in aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and the semiconductor industry.
With our industry leading warranty and service, along with consulting on your application, no wonder our customers include industrial equipment makers, the top gas companies, laboratories, and universities around the world. Learn more
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