Techflow Tube Series Cryogenic Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Techflow 500 Series Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Low Cryogen Losses With Minimal Space Claim

  • Vacuum-jacketed, to prevent the ice and condensation seen with non-vacuum jacketed cryogenic valves.
  • Compact design reduces the space claim, ideal for transfer hoses and smaller diameter pipe/tubing.
  • Easy grip handle provides low torque opening and closing.
  • Lower cost than pipe sized valves.
  • Wear parts are easily removed and replaced reducing down-time.
  • Made by Technifab to the same high quality standards as our vacuum jacketed pipe.

We also offer Techflow Pipe Series Vacuum Jacketed Valves in larger diameters.

Vacuum jacketed cryogenic valves are used with a variety of different cryogenic liquids for control and transfer in:

  • Transfer Hose Shut-offs.
  • Point-of-Use Valves.
  • Laboratory Uses.
  • Liquid Helium Stingers.
  • Cold Box Connections.

Our valves are used with liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquid helium systems.

Tube Series Valve Specifications

Model Identification
500 = 1/2″ ODT Inner Tubing
A = Right Angle Valve
G = Globe Valve
M = Manually Operated
P = Pneumatically Operated

Example: 500-AM is a Right Angle Manual Valve with 1/2″ Outside Diameter Tubing (ODT) inner tube

Techflow Cryogenic Vacuum Jacketed Tube Series Valve Specifications
Model Inner Pipe Size Pipe Inner Diameter CV(KV) Heat Leak in BTU/Hr (Watts)
500-GM 1/2″ ODT 0.43 in (11 mm) 0.84 (0.72) 5.6 (1.6)¹
500-GP 1/2″ ODT 0.43 in (11 mm) 0.84 (0.72) 5.6 (1.6)¹
500-AM 1/2″ ODT 0.43 in (11 mm) 1.20 (1.00) 5.6 (1.6)¹
500-AP 1/2″ ODT 0.43 in (11 mm) 1.20 (1.00) 5.6 (1.6)¹
¹At 400˚F (200˚C) ∆T using Liquid Nitrogen.


Specifications common to all Tube Series valves:
Operating Temperature -450° to 150°F (4° to 340°K)
Operating Pressure: Right Angle Valve
Bubble Tight 150 psig (10.3 bar)
300 psig (20.6 bar)
Class 300 (ASME B16.34)
For ASME Certified Valves please contact us for specifications.



  • Shallow plug style valve works best for on/off control.
  • Self-aligning, PCTFE seat designed for flexibility and solid closure at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Actuated valve options available for automatic operation.
  • Matches perfectly with our Techflex hoses.
  • One year warranty if sold separately.