Internal Cryogenic Gas Traps

Internal Gas Traps are typically installed in vertical drops to liquid nitrogen use points with non-vacuum jacketed terminations. The gas trap works by ‘trapping’ a pocket of gas inside the line when liquid nitrogen is shut-off. This gas pocket prevents liquid nitrogen from reaching the non-vacuum
insulated connection, in essence insulating the joint.

Benefits of using a gas trap include:

  • Reduced Heat Leak – When liquid nitrogen is not flowing, the heat leak of a non-vacuum jacketed termination is about 200 BTU/hour
    (60 Watts). With an internal gas trap the heat leak is only about
    0.5 BTU/hour (0.15 Watts).
  • Eliminates Ice. When liquid nitrogen is not flowing your
    non-vacuum jacketed terminations maintain a constantly dripping
    ice ball. With an internal gas trap, this ice ball disappears.