Techniguard B-Series Vacuum Jacketed Piping (VJP)

High-Efficiency, Configurable Vacuum Insulated Pipe

Our vacuum jacketed piping systems are manufactured in easy-to-assemble sections with high-efficiency, low heat leak bayonet connections.

  • Delivers significant lifetime savings due to minimal cryogen loss.
  • Easily accommodates future expansions or modifications.
  • Provides longer, care-free service life, backed by our best-in-the-business warranty.
  • Provides a rapid return on your investment.
  • Easy Installation – manufactured in easy-to-assemble sections with high-efficiency, low heat leak bayonet connections. No welding or refitting in the field required, it’s far easier to install than foam covered pipe!
  • Doesn’t need expensive vacuum pumps that require maintenance like dynamic vacuum-jacketed systems.
  • ASME certification and CRN (Canadian Registration Number) are available.

Techniguard B-Series bendable vacuum jacketed pipe allows a less stringent system layout, may simplify installation, allows component reuse, and lowers VJP shipping costs compared to rigid.

Techniguard B-Series vacuum jacketed pipe is more suitable for rerouting applications:

  • Start-up operations or temporary set-ups where something is needed quickly but may be changed later.
  • Operations where substantial plant growth is anticipated.
  • Laboratories where future rerouting of cryogenic pipe system may be necessary.

By its nature, bendable vacuum insulated pipe may be used in a variety of applications not possible for rigid pipe.

Other typical applications include:

Electronic and Semiconductor

Cryogenic liquids are used for component testing, temperature control, and more efficient storage/delivery of specialized gases. Manufacturers use our products to deliver cryogenic liquids from the supply tank to the use point and liquid control for semiconductor manufacturing.

Laboratory, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology

Techniguard vacuum insulated pipe is used to transfer and deliver many different cryogenic liquids from storage vessels to the point of use with reduced sweating and dripping that other solutions have.

Food and Beverage

Food chilling, food freezing, and inerting bottles, containers, and bags before filling. Anywhere cryogenic liquids are used in processing, vacuum jacketed pipe ensures the highest quality liquid is transferred from the bulk tank to the use point with minimal liquid loss.

Aerospace and Industrial

Our vacuum jacketed systems are used in space and aeronautical research applications.

All Techniguard vacuum jacketed pipe is liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, and hydrogen ready. Liquid oxygen and liquid helium options, along with ASME B31.3 certification and CRN (Canadian Registration Number) are available.

Techniguard B-Series VJP Specifications
Model Inner Diameter
in Inches (mm)
Available Outer
Outside Diameter
in Inches (mm)
Min. Bend Radius
in Inches (cm)
M.A.W.P. in
PSIG (bar)
Dry Weight
lb/ft (kg/m)
B50 1/2 (13) Heat Shrink;
Armor, Braided
1 7/8 (48)
2 (51)
10 (25) 150 (10.3) 1.0 (1.5)
B65 5/8 (16) Heat Shrink
2 1/4 (57)
2 1/2 (64)
15 (38) 150 (10.3) 1.6 (2.4)
B100 1 (25) Heat Shrink 2 5/8 (67)
3 (76)
15 (38) 150 (10.3) 2.8 (4.2)
B125 1 1/4 (32) Heat Shrink, Armor;
3 1/2 (89)
3.8 (97)
20 (51) 150 (10.3) 3.5 (5.1)
B150 1 1/2 (38) Braided 4 (100) 20 (51) 150 (10.3) 3.8 (5.7)
B200 2 (51) Braided 5 (130) 30 (76) 150 (10.3) 4.6 (6.9)
A wide variety of options are available to meet your specific needs including:

  • B-Series bendable pipe is available in lengths up to 60 feet (19 meter).
  • Choice of end connections.

Contact a representative for our installation guide if more detailed specifications are needed.

Techniguard B-Series has additional features with only a moderately lower in performance compared to our R-Series VJP:

  • Simplifies system layout requirements – Flexibility reduces the necessity for precise system layout measurements.
  • Reroute/reuse system – Flexibility allows much or all of a system to be reused if the use-point locations are changed in a plant. You can also add to the existing system without major rework expenses.
  • Lower shipping costs – Flexibility allows cryogenic pipe systems to be coiled and crated for shipment via motor or air freight. The need for expensive dedicated trucks is eliminated. Overseas shipment is no longer cost prohibitive.

We offer a choice of three different coverings: stainless steel armor, heat shrink, or stainless steel braid to protect the outer convoluted tubing from abrasion.

VJP is essentially two pipes, one within the other. The cryogenic liquid flows through the inner pipe. The outer pipe serves as a vacuum jacket which houses the inner line, the vacuum space, a molecular sieve, getters, and the super-insulation. Our vacuum insulated pipe has extremely low heat leak, minimizing cryogen loss from boil-off.

Technifab’s B-Series bendable vacuum jacketed pipe is constructed of 300 Series stainless steel convoluted inner and outer tubing.

  • Techniguard bendable VJP utilizes a vacuum and multi-layer insulation (MLI) to reduce heat radiation and convection.
  • A special molecular sieve and chemical getters remove residual molecules and impurities from any outgassing contamination.

Techniguard VJP is superior to traditional foam insulated pipe; the typical heat loss for foam insulated pipe is 40 times greater than Techniguard B-Series VJP!

Sections of Techniguard Bendable VJP are connected via vacuum insulated bayonet connectors. Bayonet connections simplify installation by eliminating the need for threaded or welded field joints and the associated foam insulation or wrapping. The B-Series vacuum insulated pipe uses the same bayonets as our rigid (R-Series) vacuum insulated pipe, allowing easy interconnection in cryogenic transfer systems.

Technifab has extensive experience in manufacturing vacuum jacketed pipe systems. We were the first to introduce modular vacuum jacketed piping, keeping prefabricated sections of Techniguard VJP, modular valves, gas vents, and gas traps in stock to quickly deliver systems or replacements when you need them. We also custom design and manufacture cryogenic pipe systems to your exact requirements.

Read the article from the May 2004 issue of Food Manufacturing on our VJP installation at Schneider Foods.