Cryogenic Phase Separators

Technifab’s Phase Separators deliver a high quality, colder liquid nitrogen by reducing the liquid nitrogen pressure and slowing the liquid nitrogen velocity from the supply line. This provides a lower temperature, saturated, pure liquid nitrogen that has fewer gas bubbles in the fluid.

With Technifab Phase Separators you get:

  • Consistent cryogen delivery output, dramatically improving process control and efficiency.
  • Better liquid nitrogen quality control than utilizing a keep-full device.
  • A vacuum jacketed vessel and lines to minimize frost and heat leakage into the liquid.
  • Multiple designs that can minimize floor space, be mounted overhead, or even be inline with the system.
  • Easy to use operator controls.

We offer four Phase Separator models: PS-22, PS-42, PS-67, and the PS-1.

  • The PS-22 and PS-42 are used in lower cryogenic flow situations and when an overhead mounting solution is required. It features a compact size, vertical and horizontal outlet configurations, and a gravity feed/naturally aspirated version.
  • The PS-67 handles higher flow and is often used when a higher pressure output may be needed.
  • The PS-1 is ideal for low liquid nitrogen flow operations like our liquid nitrogen injector, the Techinjector, which uses lower pressure.

All utilize electronic controls for ease of use and better liquid control than competitive products.

Many types of machines use liquid nitrogen for heat removal. In some liquid nitrogen applications, it is necessary that liquid quality be maintained within a tighter tolerance than is possible with a simple keep-full device. These high quality applications include scientific instruments, environmental chambers, high volume industrial applications and even food freezing. Getting pure liquid nitrogen delivered to the use point can result in better temperature control and more predictable heat transfer.

High speed production line liquid nitrogen injectors (such as our Techinjector) for bottles and containers benefit from a more consistent liquid supply. The PS-22/42 are well suited for that application. For lower speed production lines consider our PS-1 Phase Separator.

Technifab offers four liquid nitrogen phase separators, which can be customized to your individual needs.






Number of Liquid Outlets

1, 2, or 4

6 or 8

1 1
Maximum inlet pressure

150 psig (10 bar)

150 psig (10 bar)

150 psig (10 bar)

150 psig (10 bar)


12.9 (11.2)

12.9 (11.2)

92 (79.3)

7.6 (6.6)1

Maximum Withdrawal Rate2

29 gallons/minute

(110 liters/minute)

29 gallons/minute

(110 liters/minute)

220 gallons/minute

(830 liters/minute)

.5 gallons/minute

(1.8 liters/minute)

Vessel MAWP

75 psig (5 bar)

130 psig (9 bar)

300 psig (20 bar)

150 psig (10 bar)

Vessel Liquid Nitrogen Capacity

5.8 gallons (22 liters)

19.5 gallons (73.8 liters)

17.6 gallons (67 liters)

0.27 gallons (1 liter)

Dimensions, Vessel

(w/o valves & probe)

33″l x 22″w x 34″h

(84cm x 56cm x 86cm)3

53″l x 22″w x 34″h

(135cm x 56cm x 86cm)3

99″l x 32″w x 15″h

(251cm x 81cm x 38cm)

6″l x 12″w x 34″h

(15cm x 30cm x 86cm)

Assembly Weight (full)

123 – 196 lbs (56 – 89 kg)

200 – 240 lbs (91 – 110 kg)

490 lbs (222 kg)

29.1 lbs (13.2 kg)

1No backpressure, output pressure is 1 psig (70 mbar) maximum.
2Assumes LN2 at -320 F, saturated, and 1 atmosphere with a 5 psi pressure drop.
3With the vertical outlet option. For the horizontal outlet, dimensions are 46″l x 22″w x 27″h (117cm x 56cm x 86cm).

Control Box Specifications





Power Usage

320watts @110VAC maximum

100 watts @110VAC


12″h x 14″w x 6″d (31cm x 36cm x 15cm)

10″h x 10″w x 66″d

(25cm x 25cm x 15cm)

Ethernet Capable



Power input for all control boxes is 110-240 VAC, 50-60 hz.
Control Box temperature range is from 32 F – 120 F (0 C – 49 C).
Nema 4X and IP65 certification.

Technifab cryogenic phase separators convert two-phase, higher pressure liquid nitrogen (usually from a bulk tank) to a saturated, lower pressure and colder liquid.

Cryogenic liquid flows into the phase separator, where its velocity and saturated pressure is reduced. The liquid reaches saturated pressure by evaporative cooling. In this quiescent state, gas bubbles in the fluid rise to the top of the liquid bath and exit through the vent system. This process is accelerated through a special patented device to facilitate rapid evaporation on some models.

The resulting cryogen is nearly 100% liquid and has an extremely repeatable cooling capacity per pound. This repeatability is particularly important in electronic testing applications. If required, a single phase separator can be installed on each user device, or one large phase separator can be utilized to supply high quality liquid to multiple devices.

A Programmable Logic Control (PLC) controls the phase separator valve(s) to maintain a consistent liquid level and pressure. A PLC, especially on the PS-22/42/67 Models, offers additional flexibility to better control and tailor cryogen output to user needs. By adjusting the storage pressure within the phase separator to meet the needs of the use-point equipment, the optimal balance between storage pressure and liquid temperature can be achieved.

The addition of a phase separator can also be used to eliminate the need for two supply tanks in some cases. High-pressure gas needs can be met by using the gas vapor space at the top of the bulk tank. The high-pressure liquid is taken from the bottom of the tank and piped to the phase separator, where it is cooled by very rapid evaporation producing a saturated low pressure and temperature liquid.