Liquid Helium (LHe) Transfer Equipment

From bulk transfer hoses to stingers, Technifab’s complete line of low heat-leak liquid helium transfer equipment
provides safe and efficient transfer of liquid helium.

We design and manufacture:

  • Helium transfer hoses – unsurpassed in efficiency, meaning less helium loss to your equipment.
  • Cryostat and Dewar stingers – available in a variety of standard configurations or custom made to your application.
  • Vacuum Jacketed LHe valves – can be incorporated into our products or sold as stand alone items.
  • Manifolds – built in any practical configuration. Common examples are liquid helium transfill stations where LHe is transferred from tanker truck to dewars for distribution.
  • Dewar fill hoses
  • Diptube extensions

Read more on independent testing that compares our products to the competition.

Our experience in LHe manifold systems makes us the vendor of choice for anyone requiring high efficiency liquid helium transfer systems. We can design and build vacuum insulated transfer equipment for any application and mate to industry standard bayonets or use our own proprietary design.

Technifab’s Techflex LHe flexible vacuum insulated lines can be used in any application to safely transfer liquid helium from a storage dewar to a use point, including scientific, industrial and medical research equipment. Our transfer lines are manufactured with non-magnetic materials for helium service to MRI magnets and other similar applications.

All LHe equipment is verified vacuum leak tight on a helium mass spectrometer leak detector. Just prior to shipment all hoses are cold tested to verify vacuum retention. Techflex LHe transfer lines are available in standard designs or can be manufactured to customer specifications. Common end configurations include a variety of bayonets and stingers or lances.

Basic design features of one of the many varieties of stingers that Technifab manufactures.
Basic design features of one of the many varieties of stingers that Technifab manufactures.

Technifab transfer hose options include:

  • Bayonet joints
  • CGA fittings
  • NPT connections
  • Diptubes in different diameters and lengths
  • Threaded tips for extensions
  • In-line shut-off valves
  • Braided or armored outer jackets

Mating different pieces of equipment or systems with non-matching bayonets is not a problem. Technifab manufactures bayonet connectors and adapters to mate any two pieces of equipment.

Download our Specifying Guide for liquid helium transfer equipment for more information.

Liquid Helium Bayonet connectors
Liquid Helium Bayonet connectors

Our exceptionally low heat-leak hoses feature stainless steel spiral wrapped coverings to maximize flexibility and durability. Independent testing has proven our LHe transfer hoses are more efficient than those of the competition.

Our hoses are made of 300 series, non-magnetic stainless steel which provides the best weight to strength ratio of common non-corrosive metals. The inner carrier line is also made of 300 series stainless steel, which resists radiant heat better than copper, thus offering superior thermal performance. The inner line which carries the helium is wrapped with multiple layers of super-insulation, encased within the vacuum jacket, welded and evacuated as one complete sealed unit.

Technifab Techflex LHe transfer systems and accessories are backed by our Quality Assurance warranty. Ask for details.