Lab Dewars

TLN Series

Liquid Nitrogen Laboratory Dewars

Performance Tested, High Efficiency Laboratory Dewars

Technifab TLN Series liquid nitrogen dewars are designed to safely and conveniently transport and store small volumes of liquid nitrogen in your laboratory or workplace. The dewars are fully warranted with serial number tracking documentation.


  • Our advanced dewar design combines vacuum technology with super insulation which provides superior thermal performance, longer hold times, and less LN2 waste. This means lower operating cost and fewer refills.
  • The rugged construction uses high strength aluminum, ribbed cylinder design and durable neck-tube enabling longer product life under heavy use.
  • Built by Technifab to meet the highest quality standards.


  • Performance tested with a helium mass spectrometer leak detector to ensure no leaks at 2 x 10-10 cc/sec sensitivity.
  • Every weld is visually inspected for aesthetic consistency.

Our laboratory dewars are used in any application where liquid nitrogen needs to be stored or transported from laboratories, medical and pharmaceutical facilities to manufacturing plants and quality control labs.

Cryobiological Dewars

Technifab offers a dewar designed for dependable, cost-efficient storage of biological samples at sub-zero temperatures for preservation and storage. The Technifab TCS-90-8 liquid nitrogen dewar has been designed for extended hold capability, safety and convenience. This specially designed package includes the dewar, a lockable lid and a rack system that can hold up to 1800 2ml ampules.

Our TCS-90-8 cryobiological dewar benefits include:

  • Sturdy, endurance tested, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Designed for all types of inventory control
  • Optional Liquid level warning device
  • Low LN2 consumption rate, 0.4 lbs. per day, reduces operating costs
  • Static hold time – 225 days
  • Wider mouth neck to allows the sample racks to be lowered into the dewar

Custom Designed Dewars

Detector Dewars

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