Dewar Flasks and Custom Dewars

Technifab designs and manufactures custom cryogenic dewars for a variety of scientific equipment applications. Our experience in precision fabrication work and lean manufacturing enables us to meet the quality requirements for any custom cryogenic dewar application.

We also manufacture a complete line of open mouth dewar flasks for your specific needs.

Technifab can design and build vacuum jacketed vessels for low temperature and high temperature applications.

Open Mouth Dewars / Dewar Flasks can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from parts washing and treating metal components to complicated laboratory processes.

Examples of applications Dewars have been used for include:

  • Aerospace – Reservoirs for shrink fitting parts for assembly.
  • Research and Development – LN2 Heat Exchangers mount to Gas Chromatograph.
  • Food – LN2 Immersion Vessel to quickly freeze outer food surface prior to entry into tunnel freezer.
  • Beverage – Vacuum-jacketed funnels to deliver liquid nitrogen to LN2 injectors or other devices.

Open mouth dewars are manufactured with 300 series stainless steel, multi-layer super-insulation in a vacuum space and backed by our industry leading warranty. Ranging from 4” ID to 30”ID and heights up to 96”, our versatile product offering can meet your needs.

Some common Dewar options include:

  • Foam insulated lids
  • Casters
  • Bottom drains for easy liquid removal on larger vessels
  • Flanged Tops w/ Safety Relief for looped systems
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Welded Rigid Handles
  • Auto-fill Packages
  • Bayonet connections
  • Liquid level control
  • Instrument feed-through ports

We specialize in the transfer and storage of cryogenic fluids and related applications.

Our rigorous manufacturing and production process and documentation ensures that we can produce a consistent, highly reliable custom dewar. Our attention to detail is one of the reasons our facility is authorized to use the U and the UM stamp symbols of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the manufacture of pressure vessels and the R stamp of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for the repair and/or alteration of pressure vessels.