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Technifab manufactures liquid nitrogen storage devices (cryogenic dewars) for a variety of applications:

Dewar Construction

Technifab has special equipment to install multi-layered insulation (MLI) mechanically, and the trained personnel to hand-wrap or blanket-wrap insulation to ensure the lowest possible boil-off.

Dewars are manufactured using either aluminum or stainless steel. They are TIG or MIG welded on automatic welding units or manually by one of our skilled welders. Every weld is inspected for aesthetic consistency and tested using helium mass spectrometer leak detection to as low as 2 x 10-10 cc/sec sensitivity with no leaks.

In addition to custom dewars, we also offer a complete line of standard liquid nitrogen dewars. For more information about our other cryogenic products, please visit www.technifab.com.


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