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Technifab announces changes for the New Year.

Technifab Products, Inc. announces the creation of a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position to be filled by Steve Short. Since 2002, Steve has been Technifab’s corporate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of the Cryogenic Division. Steve successfully led the company through the great recession and oversaw tremendous growth since 2010. Throughout his tenure as CEO, Steve also performed the duties typically assigned to a CFO. “A good leader recognizes when it is time for change,” Steve says, “and it is in the best interest of the company to separate the CEO and CFO duties.” As CFO, Steve will be responsible for human resources, benefits, insurance, accounting, and will continue to serve as Chairman of the corporate Board of Directors.

Doug Short, who has been in a leadership position with Technifab since 1994, will take over as CEO of the corporation and President of the Cryogenic division. Doug was the company’s first Salesperson, then Sales Manager, and since 2002 has been Corporate V.P. of Sales and Marketing. As CEO and President, Doug will manage the vice presidents of Sales and Marketing, Engineering, and Operations.

The Corporate V.P. of Sales and Marketing position will be filled by Dan Thompson. Dan has been with the company for over eight years. He was previously V.P. of the Cryogenic Division and will continue to fill that role as well.

Doug commented, “Technifab is in a very good position. Our financials are outstanding. We have wonderful and talented people working together. We have excellent relationships with our customers, suppliers, bankers, and our community. So, while this restructuring will require some getting used to there will be no major changes to the way we do business.”

Technifab Products, Inc. has designed, manufactured, and installed standard and custom cryogenic equipment since 1992. Technifab offers a complete line of vacuum jacketed pipe, cryogenic liquid transfer hoses, valves, standard and custom dewars, cryogenic phase separators and liquid nitrogen injectors. Technifab’s products are used to deliver cryogens like liquid nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the electronics, semiconductor, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries. Exactifab, a division of Technifab Products, Inc., provides machining services to companies that need high quality, precision machined parts, professional customer service, and documented quality control.



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