CF Flanges

Manufactured for use in vacuum piping systems, CF flanges are fabricated to ASTM E2734 Standard Specification and incorporate a mechanical seal to create a leak-tight connection between flanges. When the bolts squeeze the flanges together, the soft metal gasket melds into a thin groove cut into the flat flange surface which provides the leak-tight seal. Flanges operate in temperature from -196°C through 450°C and pressures from 760 Torr (103mbar) to less than 1 x 10-12 Torr (1 x 10-12 mbar). Generally, conflate flanges are considered a commodity; and the vacuum industry has all but standardized conflate flanges. Therefore, most manufacturers’ flanges mate and seal with competitors.

CF flanges are available in fixed or rotatable designs. A fixed design is a one piece bolt-hole pattern. The rotatable design consists of a weld ring and bolt ring, which rotates to mate with the other flange for easier installation.

Positive Pressure: From a safety and application perspective, system pressure is important. Attention to the maximum allowable working pressure for the inner pipe is critical, and systems must be designed within stated specifications. Positive pressure failure may occur due to deterioration or breakdown in one or more vacuum system components such as welds, valves, clamps, bolts, chamber walls and chamber walls. Note: System pressures may be inherently dangerous and failure may occur when least expected and without warning. The best design criteria for safe operation are to make certain that the internal absolute pressure does not exceed the external absolute pressure.