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Vivolac Cultures Corporation uses Techniguard bendable pipe for their LN2 plant piping system

As appeared in Food Manufacturing magazine May 2004 issue.

Photo of 11,000 Gallon storage tank for liquid nitrogen.Vivolac Cultures Corporation is a U.S. based producer of dairy starter cultures and other related products.  They offer a full line of cultures as well as secondary ingredients such as: coagulator, defoamer and starter media. Vivolac specializes in customer service and use highly trained technical service personnel as well as our on-site laboratory facilities to provide an array of technical solutions to their customers. Vivolac customers include many worldwide food manufacturers with diverse products andspecialized needs.

After processing their product, Vivolac ships it to their customers either freeze dried or frozen. The frozen product is pelletized and frozen in a liquid nitrogen bath. The pellets are frozen in a special engineered freezing machine that is supplied liquid nitrogen through a custom designed delivery system.

In 2006 Vivolac moved into a new 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Mount Comfort, Indiana. This facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture and prepare the cultures for shipment. Vacuum insulated stainless steel piping from Technifab was selected as the preferred piping system for the liquid nitrogen supply lines. An 11,000-gallon storage tank was erected adjacent to the plant. Liquid nitrogen was then piped from the tank to the freezing machine, a distance of about 150 feet. By using the Technifab VJP there is very little loss of liquid nitrogen when compared to the foam insulated copper pipe used in the old plant.

The pipe is routed from the tank and concealed above the plant ceiling. It drops through the ceiling directly above the freezing machine. The “drop” is made from Technifab’s bendable stainless vacuum insulated pipe. This is done to allow flexibility in machine location and easy installation. The bendable pipe is covered with polyvinyl chloride smooth tubing to allow easy cleaning in this sanitary environment.

“Technifab did an outstanding job of meeting our needs,” comments Jim Schwarz of Vivolac Cultures Corporation.

Schwarz said that the new piping system is working great. “Technifab built and installed the pipe system without any problems. The system fit the first time and works very well.” Jim commented that he wanted the best system. “Vivolac considered foam insulated and field welded vacuum pipe but decided on Technifab’s bayonet connected piping system because it was simply the best system available.”

Photo of indoor installation
Bendable pipe is connected from the bulk tank to the rigid VJP.
Photo of outdoor installation
Bendable vacuum insulated pipe with sanitary covering is used to connect the rigid pipe above the ceiling to the freezing machine.


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