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Technifab Releases New Techniguard Rigid and Bendable Series of VJP

Photo of Techniguard B-Series Bendable Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Technifab Products, Incorporated, announces the availability of a new and improved line of rigid (R-Series) and bendable (B-Series) Techniguard vacuum insulated pipe.

Both the R-Series (rigid) and B-Series (bendable) offers new bayonet options to improve interchangeability between different pipe sizes. The new bayonets are compatible and interface with previous bayonets used on Technifab systems.

The R-Series Techniguard pipe is offered in sizes from 1/2” to 4” inside diameter.

In addition the B-Series pipe offers several additional advantages over the previous design:

  • The bendable vacuum jacketed pipe (the new Techniguard B-Series pipe) performance has been improved. The B-Series Techniguard heat leak is better than previous designs when you bend it.
  • The new B-Series Techniguard VJP comes in additional sizes (ranging from 1/2” to 2” inside diameter) for a better performing system. Right-sizing the pipe can get the cryogenic liquid flow faster to the use point.

Together these changes offer customers the flexibility and options to deliver the best flow, quicker system cool-down time, and a better quality liquid for a cryogenic system.

For over 16 years Technifab Products has manufactured and installed vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, dewars, valves, and other cryogenic equipment. For more information please contact sales@technifab.com or visit our website at technifab.com.

Technifab’s new line of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe is now available to meet customer needs.



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