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Technifab Releases New Liquid Nitrogen Injector

Photo of Techinjector

When Cryoinfra had the need for a liquid nitrogen injector on a bottling line for a customer in Guadalajara, Mexico they chose the new Techinjector™ from Technifab Products, supplied by MBI Cryogenics, to solve their customer’s problem.

The Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles on the line needed pressurization to resist collapsing during shipping and storage. The bottling line application was a challenge. Cold water and hot juice filled bottles run down the same line at different times. Liquid nitrogen injection on the unique cold water / hot juice line had not been attempted before because of the mixture of products.

The Techinjector™ control panel, which allows multiple settings to be stored for the same bottling line, can make the switch between different products quickly to meet customer demands. The ability to adjust the amount of injected nitrogen to compensate for different container fluid temperatures was a key to the successful operation.

Cryoinfra was also attracted to the ease of maintenance that the Technifab Techinjector™ offers; a key difference from competing products. The compact injector’s modular design allows components to be switched out in minutes for routine maintenance, minimizing production delays. Fernando Trejo and Flavio Hernandes of Cryoinfra noted that they were impressed not only with the Techinjector™ performance but also with Technifab’s outstanding service in helping to install the unit.

Technifab’s new Liguid Nitrogen Injector is designed to reduce the space on the production line and minimize maintenance requirements.

Additional information on the Techinjector™ is available by visiting the Technifab website or emailing sales@technifab.com. Technifab Products, Inc., founded in 1992, produces cryogenic transfer and storage equipment including vacuum jacketed transfer pipe, flexible transfer lines, valves, and accessories along with manufacturing cryogenic dewars in Brazil, Indiana.

Cryoinfra S.A. de C.V., founded in 1919, is the largest producer of industrial and medical gases in Mexico. MBI Cryogenics, Inc. provides sales and service for the cryogenics industry and is located in Irwindale, California.



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