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Technifab Products, Inc. Adds Third Location

Technifab Products, Inc. announces a new location in Houston, Texas to better serve their cryogenic equipment customers. The regional facility will serve Texas and nearby states by providing a local presence with sales, service, and installation services.

Doug Short, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, observed “For years many of our key customers have been in the Gulf Coast area. This location will allow us to serve those customers in an even more efficient manner.” Doug also notes “We’re very pleased to have Scott Boyd, who has over 15 years of cryogenic experience, to join us in the Houston office.”

The new location is at 6529 Cunningham Road, #2205, Houston, Texas, 77041. The phone number is 832.617.8153 or can be reached through the Technifab main switchboard at 812.442.0520.

Technifab which is headquartered in Brazil, Indiana operates an additional sales and installation facility in Sacramento, California.

Technifab Products, Inc.:

Technifab Products has designed, manufactured, and installed standard and custom cryogenic equipment for over 20 years. We design and manufacture a complete line of vacuum jacketed pipe, cryogenic liquid transfer hoses, valves, standard and custom dewars, cryogenic phase separators and liquid nitrogen injectors to the highest standards in our ASME certified shop. Technifab’s products are used to deliver cryogens like liquid nitrogen, helium, LNG, oxygen and hydrogen to the aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Our products are used by original equipment manufacturers, resellers and can also be purchased direct by end users.

For more information Technifab can be reached at 812.442.0520 or sales@technifab.com.



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