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Technifab Introduces A Non-Vacuum Jacketed Tank Switcher

Technifab is adding a non-vacuum jacketed tank switcher to our TechniSwitch TS Series. Manufactured with the same high quality, the TechniSwitch TS-NJ offers customers an alternative to our vacuum jacketed version. This product is ideal for use in laboratories or medical settings where a large outside liquid nitrogen tank is not accessible or possible.

The TechniSwitch provides a continuous liquid nitrogen supply by automatically switching from the empty dewar to a full dewar. By using a programmable logic controller (PLC), the switcher ensures accurate cryogen control and saves money by reducing downtime during tank replacement. The unique alarm sequence alerts the operator of tank status in all phases. The TechniSwitch also features dry contacts for your alarm system. This minimizes employee’s time during tank changes and reduces operating costs.

To discuss your application with a Technifab Solution Expert, call us at 812.442.0520 or email sales@technifab.com.

Technifab Products, Inc.:

Technifab Products has designed, manufactured, and installed standard and custom cryogenic equipment since 1992. We design and manufacture a complete line of vacuum jacketed pipe, cryogenic liquid transfer hoses, valves, standard and custom dewars, cryogenic phase separators and liquid nitrogen injectors to the highest standards in our ASME certified shop. Technifab’s products are used to deliver cryogens like liquid nitrogen, helium, argon, and oxygen to the aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Our products are used by original equipment manufacturers and can also be purchased direct by end users.



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