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Technifab Announces Phase Separators with PLC Controls

Photo of Phase SeparatorThe new line of phase separators, which includes three different models (PS-22, PS-42, and the PS-67), all include electronic control systems to deliver the highest quality, saturated liquid nitrogen to the use point. A Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system offers additional phase separator flexibility, better liquid control, and the capability to tailor the cryogenic system output to user needs.

These products are used when tighter tolerance for liquid nitrogen is needed than a simple keep-full device offers. Many scientific instruments, environmental chambers, food freezers, and high volume industrial applications benefit from the use of consistent, pure liquid nitrogen instead of a mix of liquid and gaseous nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen injectors, used in bottling and container lines, also benefit from a better quality liquid nitrogen supply.

Sales Sheet for Technifab Phase Separators.

More information on the new products are available on Technifab’s website or by contacting Technifab directly.



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