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Technifab announces our new 4” cryogenic shut off valve

Technifab Products, Inc. announces our new 4” cryogenic shut off valve, applicable for 3”IPS and 4”IPS vacuum jacketed pipe systems. Our valves are compatible with all cryogens including LN2, LNG and LOX. Like the other valves in this series, the TV-4500-GM offers 20 times less cryogen loss as compared to non-vacuum jacketed valves. This equates to lower operating costs.

Manufactured by Technifab and built with the same high quality standards as our smaller valves, the TV-4500 features a self-aligning, PCTFE seat designed for a solid ‘bubble tight’ closure. Wear parts are easily replaced which reduces downtime and saves money. ASME certification is available upon request.

When combined with Technifab Techniguard Vacuum Jacketed Pipe, TV – Series valves offer Technifab quality and reliability for pipe systems ½” IPS through 4”IPS. All valves are available in an equipment mounting version for use in original equipment manufacturing applications. For more information on Technifab Valves and Products or help with your cryogenic applications, contact sales@technifab.com, call 812.442.0520 or visit our website (technifab.com).

Technifab Products, Inc.:

Technifab Products has designed, manufactured, and installed standard and custom cryogenic equipment since 1992. We design and manufacture a complete line of vacuum jacketed pipe, cryogenic liquid transfer hoses, valves, standard and custom dewars, cryogenic phase separators and liquid nitrogen injectors to the highest standards in our ASME certified shop. Technifab’s products are used to deliver cryogens like liquid nitrogen, helium, argon, and oxygen to the aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Our products are used by original equipment manufacturers and can also be purchased direct by end users.



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