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New, Low Evaporation Rate Lab Dewars available direct from the factory over the Internet

See our complete line of LN2 lab dewars and accessories at www.cryodewars.comBRAZIL, Indiana, June 30, 2003 — Technifab TLN Series liquid nitrogen dewars are designed to safely and conveniently transport and store small volumes of liquid nitrogen in your laboratory or workplaces.  The low evaporation rate of the TLN dewars provide reduced operating costs.  Technifab dewars combine advanced vacuum design and multi-layers of super insulation technology to achieve superior thermal performance.  The high strength aluminum material, ribbed cylinder and durable neck-tube design provide you with a liquid nitrogen dewar that is light-weight, rugged and easy to handle.  Each dewar is performance tested prior to shipment and fully warranted with serial number tracking documentation.  Technifab offers factory direct orders via the Internet at www.cryodewars.com.  All dewar sizes are shipped from stock the day the order is received.  For more information, contact Technifab Products, Inc.



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