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New Cryogenic Tank Switcher Introduced

Technifab Products, Inc. Announces the First Vacuum-Jacketed Cryogenic Tank Switcher

Photo of Cryogenic Tank SwitcherTechnifab Products announces a new vacuum-jacketed cryogenic tank switcher to provide a continuous supply of liquid nitrogen using Dewars, micro-bulk tanks or liquid nitrogen cylinders (VGLs). Vacuum jacketed lines prevent dripping, sweating, and ice on the lines. These lines also provide a quicker cool down time for faster cryogen delivery. Built upon our 20 year experience in producing vacuum jacketed lines and cryogenic equipment, Technifab has also incorporated a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to provide the ultimate in accuracy and cryogen control. The PLC means no operator intervention needed for cylinder switching and instant status updates to let you know which tank is empty. Any adjustments can be made with the easy to operate touch screen controls.



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