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Jasper Rubber expands productivity with Technifab vacuum jacketed pipe system

Jasper Rubber, located in Jasper, Indiana, is a rubber molding company,which makes parts for the small appliance and automotive industries. In business for more than fifty years, this employee-owned company works closely with its customers and vendors to develop new and improved products using materials and processes best suited to the customers’ applications.

The company has been using cryogenics for deflashing of rubber,thermoplastic and plastic materials for about 35 years. They started out using carbon dioxide (CO2) but soon switched to nitrogen which, absorbs more heat and delivers more freezing capacity in less time.

The company uses a semi-tanker load of liquid nitrogen every day to keep its two 10,000 gallon bulk tanks full. Approximately 500 ft. of rigid vacuum jacketed pipe distributes the liquid nitrogen to the various deflashers and tumblers. Flexible vacuum jacketed hoses from Technifab provide the drops to the machines from the main distribution system.

Larry Wagner, Maintenance Manager, said that the company originally used copper pipe with Styrofoam insulation and a PVC outer pipe for protection of the line. That system leaked considerably, so they went to a dynamic vacuum insulated flexible line system, which had continuing problems and wasn’t much of an improvement over the original copper pipe system.

Upon recommendation from Air Products and Chemicals, Wagner said they contacted Technifab. They had looked at other suppliers but liked the fact that Technifab was close by and that they were recommended by Air Products. In June of 1996 the first vacuum jacketed pipe was installed. Technifab did all the original measurements and engineering for the system. “We just told them how many machine drops we needed and they did all the rest,” Wagner said. In 1997 and 1998 Jasper Rubber expanded their operation calling for additional vj pipe installations.

The system uses four keep-full devices to assure that the maximum amount of pure liquid nitrogen is delivered to the machines. Even though Jasper Rubber added more machine stations with the new vacuum jacketed system, Wagner believes that in the end they are using the same amount of nitrogen per day as before but with higher production capacity due to shorter deflashing and tumbling cycles.

Wagner notes that the system has really been maintenance free for about ten (10) years. They are planning to replace the O-rings on the bayonet connections due to gradual deterioration over the years, but all in all the system has met all of their expectations. Wagner said that Technifab Productsis “very easy to work with.” “The Technifab vacuum jacketed pipe has performed very well for us over the last decade. It has been flawless,” he concluded.



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