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Hospital for Sick Children sees Helium Savings

Marc Lalancette, at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada recently purchased some Techflex cryogenic transfer equipment. When Mr. Lalancette replaced his transfer equipment with Techflex he was able to reduce his operating expenses.

Liquid Helium Transfer Line Filling MEG The Hospital for Sick Children is a major paediatric medical center in Ontario Canada. Mr. Lalancette works in the research Magnetoencephalography (MEG) lab. MEG is a process used to study brain activity, including perception and cognitive brain processes, for purposes of patient diagnosis and research. Much like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), MEG machines use liquid helium (LHe) to achieve the low temperatures required for the operation of their superconducting sensors.

When transferring super cold liquefied gases the key factors are reliability, safety, and efficiency. The recent spikes in liquid helium prices make efficiency even more critical than before. Choosing transfer equipment with a lower heat-leak will minimize the payback time and maximize savings over the life of the equipment.

Based on a series of 23 fills with two different lines, Mr. Lalancette reduced his LHe losses from 15 liters per fill to 8 liters per fill with the new Techflex transfer line. This represents a 10% savings and over $5,000 Canadian Dollars per year in liquid helium.

The savings resulted from replacing an older vacuum insulated line with a new Techflex vacuum insulated line. Imagine the savings if you are using a non-insulated line!



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