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Cut Liquid Nitrogen Costs with Technifab Vacuum Insulated Pipe

Photo of VJP Pipe EndsTechnifab Products, Inc., Brazil, Indiana — The thermal performance of standard Techniguard rigid vacuum jacketed pipe (VJP) manufactured by Technifab minimizes cryogen loss from boil-off. VJP systems typically provide a quick payback (less than 14 months in most cases) by reducing operating costs. These systems can significantly minimize the liquid losses caused by heat leaks, provide a longer life cycle than conventional foam-insulated copper piping, and do not decrease in performance over time. They can also increase production efficiency by improving the quality of the LN2 flowing through the lines (delivering colder LN2 to the use point), and can improve process safety by eliminating frosty and dripping conditions.

Further enhancements of VJP system performance is made possible with Technifab’s phase separators and optimizers designed into the VJP system toprovide true system-wide electronic control of your liquid nitrogen system. These new controls take all the guesswork out of operating a liquid nitrogen system and allow system operators to experience an abbreviated ROI, but also improve their profit picture over the long term.

To request a cost/thermal performance analysis for your plant contact Technifab’s sales department at 812-442-0520 or sales@technifab.com. The analysis will show you the anticipated return on investment and long-term financial benefits to your operation’s bottom line.



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