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CRN Approvals for Technifab in Canada

The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) in Toronto and the La Régie du bâtiment in Quebec have approved Technifab vacuum jacketed pipe, valves, and bayonets to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B51 standards. The manufacturer constructing the product has to submit designs, drawings, calculations and specifications for prior review to get the registration number approval.

Pressure vessels and fittings, including pipe, can be issued a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) which provides more restrictive quality control than many other countries. Phil Redenbarger, Vice-President of Engineering and Quality at Technifab, notes “Technifab’s goal was to have manufactured products available for Canadian firms wanting a CRN piping system in their province. With these approvals we are able to provide a solution for companies wanting a CRN system. It also provides an additional example of Technifab’s commitment to providing the highest quality systems.”

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