About Technifab

Technifab specializes in the storage, transfer, and control of cryogenic fluids.

Our goal is to attract and retain customers by providing quality products at competitive prices and delivering better customer service than anyone else. We believe that our integrity and professionalism, along with our cryogenic expertise, will help meet your needs and solve your problems.

The company has a line of standard products for the safe, efficient, and cost-effective handling of cryogenic liquids that we can deliver quickly to meet customer needs. In addition we design and manufacture custom cryogenic equipment for a wide variety of specialized OEM applications, from high technology applications like celestial sensors and spectrum analyzers to specialty automotive and ice cream manufacturing.

Aerial view of Technifab's headquarters
Aerial view of Technifab’s headquarters

Technifab was founded in 1992 when Noel Short, chairman of the company, brought his 40-plus years experience in the field of cryogenics and manufacturing to launch Technifab Products, Inc. Technifab continues as a privately-held company, building upon the high standards of quality and performance initiated by its founder.

The business has grown from its inception in 1992 to an operation with global distribution of its cryogenic storage and transfer equipment. In 1995 Technifab moved to its present location in the Brazil, Indiana Industrial Park where a new building was constructed. Throughout the years, we have expanded many times to keep up with our customers needs. In 2004 website sales were launched, giving customers and end users an additional way to purchase Technifab products. A California regional office was added in 2010, a third facility in Houston, Texas in 2013, and an office in the Philippines in 2016.

In addition to manufacturing Technifab provides design services, system evaluation, and installation. Our manufacturing techniques and disciplined culture means we can produce and deliver components and systems that meet the standards of the most difficult organizations, including ASME and the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) System. And by knowing how our products are used, we can ensure you get the highest quality system and it will perform as you expect. Give us a chance to show you how We Know Cryo…

Corporate Office

Technifab’s Corporate Office and manufacturing facility is over 60,000 sq. ft., located in the Industrial Park in Brazil, Indiana. Read more

Technifab Products, Inc.
10339 N. Industrial Park Dr.
P.O. Box 315
Brazil, Indiana 47834
United States of America

Phone: (812) 442-0520
Fax: (812) 442-0891

Mo – Fr 8 AM to 8 PM (EST)

Western Regional Office

Technifab’s Western Regional Office is located in Sacramento California. It is used as a regional sales office as well as for regional installations.

Technifab Products, Inc.
4740 Northgate Blvd
Suite 140
Sacramento, CA 95834
United States of America

Phone: (916) 609-7601
Fax: (912) 609-7603

Mo – Fr 5 AM to 5 PM (PDT)

Southern Regional Office

Technifab’s Southern Regional Office is located in Houston, Texas. It is used as a regional sales office as well as for regional installations.

Technifab Products, Inc.
6529 Cunningham Road
Suite 2205
Houston, TX 77041
United States of America

Phone: (832) 617-8153
Fax: (812) 442-0891

Mo – Fr 7 AM to 7 PM (CST)